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We Have A Date!

Finally! Sydney is scheduled for surgery!

Syd & Dr. Avis meet with Dr. Movahed for pre-surgery conference.

After waiting for months, Sydney finally got word that she can have her MMA surgery. The procedure is scheduled for early September. Finally! She’s excited beyond imagination. This is her shot at a full energetic life. It just has to work, she says. She is expecting the ordeal to be worth it, bringing a profound change to her airway.

This procedure could be her final fight in her battle to breathe.

This week we filmed the pre-procedure discussion between Sydney, Dr. Avis and Dr. Movahed, Syd’s surgeon. In normal times this conference would occur, in person, at Dr. Movahed’s office. But like many meetings it was an online video conference.

Dr. Movahed was more than prepared for all the questions that Dr. Avis and Syd tossed at him. The detailed explanations were a lot for Syd to follow but Dr. Avis is an airway dentist and he helped refine the plan.

Dr. Movahed and his tech, Richard, shared an amazing amount of detail.

They presented images and animations of the procedure, creating a before and after picture of the process. Dr. Movahed’s MMA surgery not only brings Sydney's jaw forward but rotates it to create more room for her airway.

Although the purpose of this procedure is to open the airway, not cosmetics,

it will result in a change in how Syd looks. The animations show a more defined jawline with a realigned maxilla and mandibular (upper and lower parts of her jaw.)

These changes will be small (we’re talking millimeters here) and might not be noticeable to everyone. But Syd and her family will see the difference.

The procedure should enhance Sydney’s appearance.

Syd’s mom, Kim, is still concerned because...well, she’s a mom...and she thinks Sydney looks beautiful now and no enhancements are necessary. Yet she realizes she will have to adjust. And right now her focus is getting ready to attend to Syd’s needs post-surgery (there will be plenty) while her jaw is healing. Strong family support is an important factor in recovery.

Kim shares her concern about the extent of the surgery.

We're getting ready to follow Sydney through the process. We have filmed live procedures in hospitals and OR's before. Our cameras have captured births (c-section and natural) and major surgeries including amputation. But things are different now. We know access will be limited so we are working on a production plan that is safe and efficient.

Another note...for over a year, Sydney has been very focussed on securing a date for surgery while swimming through a fog of exhaustion. With a date finally on the calendar, it has really hit her, she is having major surgery.

It's a new journey for all of us.

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