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Watch us on the 02 Breathe-A-Thon!

AIRWAY will be featured in a worldwide event on 10-02-20!

Join us on the 02 Breathe-A-Thon!

Our AIRWAY documentary has been invited to appear on the 02 Breathe-A-Thon on Friday,10-02-20. The event is presented by the Foundation for Airway Health, is an

international organization that promotes airway wellness and is founded by distinguished

doctors in the field of airway management, Dr. Howard Hindin and Dr. Michael Gelb.

Dr. Howard Hiden and Dr. Michael Gelb

Sydney, Dr. Avis, and Ed & Orly Wiseman will all appear at the event to speak about the film and Sydney's journey. We will give an update on Syd's progress and where we are on filming.

A clip from the trailer will be shown and there will be discussion. You will get to meet top docs who will talk about the airway and how airway health has become even more important during the COVID pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, especially due to an inadequate protection of our bodies' airways. A weakened and neglected airway makes people more prone to catching the coronavirus and to experiencing more complications with Covid-19. During O2, you can be part of the solution, learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones and to save lives during the current pandemic and beyond!

The event is hosted by Peter Beckwith, the Los Angeles marketing guru and airway ambassador. Peter will introduce us to celebs, leading medical professionals, and lots of great info.

Please join us. Sign up now for your virtual ticket. It's 100% FREE!

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