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Tough Recovery

The results better be worth it because it isn't easy.

Kim and Morgan say goodbye to Sydney and Dr. Avis at the hospital.

It was a challenging day dropping off Sydney at the hospital. Kim and Morgan couldn't go past the receiving area and after a few minutes were asked to leave the hospital. The COVID precautions and safety protocols at Mercy Hospital are stringent. Although the family was thrilled that patient care was the surgery center's top priority, they were discouraged that Sydney couldn't have her family with her in the waiting room.

This also meant that our cameras couldn't follow Sydney as originally planned. We had to rely on snapshots and personal phone videos to get a glimpse of Sydney during her prep and recovery. But even these capture the swirl of emotion that comes with jaw surgery and recovery.

Many of you have messaged us (we do read and respond to all your messages!) asking what it's like to experience a surgery like this. This is not just a curiosity.

There are a number of AIRWAY subscribers who are considering jaw surgery or scheduling an MMA procedure.

As we interview patients and doctors we are finding that everyone's journey is different. It depends on the type of surgery, the corrections required, the patient, the protocol, and many more factors. We can share this, every MMA patient that we interviewed has reported that the process was a challenge but well worth it in the end.

Sydney thinking about the long road she's been traveling on.

Sydney's experience has been a major challenge. Her recovery has been documented more than most and the filming provides an insight into this inglorious part of Sydney’s journey to breathe. At this point in Sydney’s recovery, she can only hope that it is worth it in the end.

We can share with you a quick look into the early part of her recovery. We've gathered almost one hundred hours of footage and interviews that detail this part of her journey but will give you just a peak.

Here are two video clips that update you on Sydney's progress. Please remember that her jaw remains restricted and movements limited.

Sydney shares her recovery experience.

Hearing Sydney talk about the recovery makes you hope it really is worth going through all the pain and trouble. Below is a three and a half minute visual video to music that takes you from the hospital drop-off on surgery day through the early steps of recovery.

Video montage of Sydney's early recovery.

Sydney has a long way to go. She's a fighter and pushes hard to reach her goals. We have seen her improve a little bit each day. She is due for a surgeon and ENT checkup in the next month. We continue to film her as she recovers.

Recently, we interviewed the "Godfather of the Airway" Prof. John Mew and his son, Dr. Michael Mew. John Mew is the creator of orthotropics, an alternative to traditional orthodontics that is now practiced by a growing number of dentists. Orthotropics focuses on developing proper oral rest posture through the expansion of the dental arches and encouraging forward jaw growth. At 91 years of age, Mew has become a valuable resource for many dental professionals. His protocols are ground breaking and John has been vocal in challenging the traditional orthodontic establishment. John’s advocacy for orthotropics and opposition to the orthodontic status quo, which includes extraction, retraction, and no attention to oral rest posture, has created turbulence and controversy. John has pushed the limits and buttons to the point that his license was revoked, at the age of 90, by the British dental board. Dr. Michael Mew, has built on his father's discoveries and practices and is a successful orthodontist. He birthed the practice of "mewing" oral posture practice that has exploded all over the world.

Blog post coming soon...

An important note. You can now view the full extended trailer on the Airway documentary site without an access code. We made some small revisions and made it fully public. Enjoy!

Watch the trailer!

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