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Sydney is No Neanderthal!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We filmed the skull collection at the Penn Museum at U Penn and discovered this ...

On the left Sydney pre-surgery, on the right a 3,000 year old skull.

It's true. Syd is no Neanderthal. This is confirmed by a number of medical professionals who are working on groundbreaking airway projects. These big brains compare the anatomy of our modern faces to skulls from centuries ago. A quick glimpse at Sydney above shows that her jaw sits further back than the ancient artifact's. The old skull has a pronounced jaw. Sydney has a recessed jaw. Also, the width of Sydney's palate is smaller. Physical attributes like these have a direct bearing on the airway.

The differences become even greater the further back in time you go. If the skull above was a Neanderthal, the dissimilarities would be even more pronounced.

Most of us are aware that humans have changed and evolved over thousands of years. But faces from just a few centuries ago are also very different than ours today.

Pre-industrial skulls have jaws that are much more friendly to the airway. This tells us that the airway is not just a Syd problem. It's a human development problem.