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Sydney in Training

Motivated to be a CMT

Sydney has an A+ personality. She won't let exhaustion and the other challenges keep her from moving forward. Her fascination with her own journey has led her to train to be a medical technician. She is learning how to screen patients using sonogram technology.

It's not easy for her because we suspect that she may have experienced developmental issues that make it more challenging for her to retain and implement all the technical knowledge. We are seeing that she can succeed but it takes so much out of her. Is that sustainable?

Living a successful life that is sustainable is really the goal. If you have short bursts of success but then sink in between, is that really living?

Part of of our documentary process is to learn more about how Sidney copes. She handles her Issues with such optimism it remains difficult to see the health challenges. It's over time that we notice her flagging or losing focus. She runs out of gas and patience. But somehow she never loses hope.

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