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Syd Breaks Out!

With her MMA surgery done Syd motors out of the hospital to recoup.

Sydney being wheeled out of Mercy hospital and heading to her temporary home to rest.

Sydney had her MMA surgery on September 10th. Dr. Movahed was able to do everything he needed to do to correct her jaw. The procedure was performed quickly with no complications. In addition, Dr. James Hartman, ENT addressed Sydney's deviated septum and other nasal issues. Again, all went well.

Her recovery will be long and restrictive. For the first two weeks her jaw will be banded closed. She can only consume fluids. It means lots of smoothies and broth. She uses a syringe to push the fluids through a tube into her mouth. She controls the flow so she does not choke.

She cannot speak and uses a small whiteboard and hand signals to communicate. Pain meds and regular visits to the doctors' offices will help reduce her discomfort. This is a time for rest. She needs to patient and wait until she can return home to New York.*

Yet, she is a trouper. Her spirits remain high. And she expects to see great gains.

The docs said they saw a significant improvement in Sydney's airway. As she recovers and the swelling reduces, Sydney should notice a difference. This is the time she has been waiting for. We need to wait and see...

* We will share film and visuals of the early going in the final documentary to provide context for the recovery.

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