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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

How could something so invasive be the answer?

When we first heard that some respected medical professionals were recommending jaw surgery to solve Syd's problems, we were shocked. As parents, this seemed so radical. Why should a beautiful young woman go under the knife to take apart her jaw and put it back together again? There would be a very long recovery and she would end up with a face that looked different. And there was another risk. We felt that there wasn't a ton of data that convinced anyone that this would truly speak to Syd's issue.

How could a parent think that this was the right course?

But Dr. Avis was becoming more and more certain that Sydney should explore this option. And as we continued to follow Syd we realized that she was running out of other options. It was Dr. Bill Hang who said right from the start, before we even began filming, that surgery was the real answer. He was certain.

We are still waiting for Syd to schedule her surgery and find out if Dr. Hang was right.

If he is and Syd is cured we will have documented an answer that could help tens of thousands.

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