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  • Orly Wiseman

Our First Film Trailer is Almost Ready

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It's time to share a small piece with the world.

During the downtime this early spring we have been cutting a trailer. It's more than a teaser or sizzle reel. It's like a short film within a film. Ed, our director, explains Sydney's predicament, what we've filmed and suggests where we think we are going.

We hope that our audience will grasp what we have as we are making this film. Sydney represents a global challenge. Her symptoms are too common, too pervasive to ignore.

During filming crew members wrap and mumble to themselves, "I'm experiencing that too." they are not the only ones who will find that Sydney's trials are similar to their own. That's why it is imperative we continue to film to find the answer.

This is a totally independent feature documentary that is funded. But we still seek additional support to make sure this film reaches both medical professionals and a the general public - many of whom remain unaware of how the Airway is affecting our lives.

Healthcare professionals need to be made more aware of the airway and how it can either support or destroy people's lives.

When Ed walked into his cardiologist appointment at NYU for a first baseline visit, one of the first questions Dr. William Cole asked was about Ed's airway. Dr. Cole explained how important this was for heart and general health. Ed almost fell out his chair. Too many cardiologists let the airway drop to the bottom of the list. But Dr. Cole is a super knowledgeable and smart physician.

This documentary will bring more healthcare professionals into the Airway discussion.

Join the movement. Get more involved.

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