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  • Orly Wiseman

Off To See The Wizard...

Sydney and her mom tear down the road to St. Louis.

A tear-filled wave in the pre-dawn light.

Sydney packed up the family SUV. Her mom, Kim, settled in at the wheel of the getaway car. They hugged and kissed Dr. Avis and Morgan, Sydney's sister, and the two pups, MIke and Dawkins. They revved up and headed off to St. Louis.

Sydney was excited and a little nervous as she got ready for the long drive. The surgery should open up new doors for her. She expects that, for the first time in her life, she will be able to breathe through an open and unrestricted airway. This would be a life changer.

Dr. Movahed, and his team, will nudge her jaw forward and rotate her upper jaw counter clockwise. This should eliminate her total epiglottic collapse when she sleeps.

Sydney will arrive in Missouri and begin an extensive quarantine and COVID testing period to prep for the inpatient procedure.

She expects to be in the hospital for 2-3 days and then will recover nearby. She will have several post surgery visits with Dr. Movahed to check her progress.

Sydney has waited for over a year for this trip. With the waiting done she is now confronting a whole new set of concerns and changes.

How will the procedure go? What will recovery be like? Eating through a straw? Will she breathe as well as she expects? What will the extra energy feel like? How will it change her? How much different will she be? How will her face look?

The snapshot before the getaway!

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