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News and More News!

So, we've been busy and have a bunch of updates to share.

Dr. Avis & Sydney, Los Angeles, June 2021.

Some really good news - the airway movement is growing. In a short period we jumped to number one in the search rankings and have received an amazing response from professionals and people looking for answers. All this positive attention has led to us creating awesome partnerships that we will be announcing soon.

It also made us realize that we needed a more robust foundation so we can widen the tent, reach a larger number of people, and meet the needs of our mission. So we've made a change in our name and perspective.

O2 Breathe is now The Airway Revolution Foundation This new name for the not for profit, Airway Revolution, reflects the mood, attitude, and spirit of a movement that seeks to discover information about our airways, share it, and save lives.