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Myofunctional what?

Gymnastics training for the face and mouth...

Sydney has been practicing myofunctional therapy for about a year. These mouth and faces exercises are designed to strengthen the facial muscles. This allows her to keep her mouth closed while sleeping and to rest her tongue on the roof of her mouth among other things. All this will help her keep her airway open while asleep and awake.

Filming this was interesting. Some things, like holding a button in her mouth while tugging on a string attached, was not easy. It's squirm worthy and a little strange.

But we are learning that Sydney powers through everything she does. There's never a moment where she says I can't do this or this is too uncomfortable. We begin to wonder if she's a throwback to the greatest generation...where you just did what you had to do no matter how you felt.

We'll see...

We walked away finding ourselves practicing lip and mouth exercises. This doc is making us think more about ourselves.

Ed's reminding me that our own daughter Juliette practiced this therapy when she was younger. These exercises coupled with orthotropics (instead of orthodontics) reshaped her face and turned her into a nose breather rather than a mouth gaper. Thank you Dr. Avis! So many connections for us in this film...

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