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Model Airway Gear

We snagged some swag photos while Syd was recouping.

Our film assistant Kevin modelling Airway swag.

Sydney is resting up and recovering from MMA surgery. We decided to step back for a bit and give her some quiet time. While we took a break from filming we rechecked equipment, planned and took some snapshots.

We asked our assistant Kevin, who was on location with us, to don an Airway tee and pose for the camera. Kevin is a Vassar alum who models and acts when he's not behind the scenes assisting on films. He has the modern beau idéal look that the camera likes.

Swaggering to the camera, looking cool.

Check him out in an official Airway black tee. We're betting this documentary will have quite a following when it's released so this authentic apparel will be on the most wanted list. Getting gear now puts you ahead of the game, at the cusp of the Airway revolution.

We also created a short video with a few of the photos, adding a some music and effects to the mix. It's fun and easy to watch. Take a look...

And here is a little gallery of some of the photos. We took these ourselves - no pro still photographer this day - and Kevin with tee still looks pretty cool. Imagine how you would look. Hey, if you post (or send us) your pics with Airway gear we will post, like and share! You can model too!

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