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It All Starts Here...

Updated: May 4, 2020

Humble beginnings.

My dad and I went on our favorite hike this morning at High Rock Park.

He just got back from one of his continuing education courses and I know he always loves sharing what he learned, so this was the perfect way to welcome him home! I’m no dentist, but I do find all that he learns so interesting, and it seems like over the years he’s really learned some interesting things that apply to me.

He’s constantly having new thoughts about why my allergies are so bad, or why I’m always so tired, even why I have asthma and anxiety.

During the course he had just attended, he was listening and learning from Dr. Hang, who my dad has come to clearly really look up to! He shared my case with Dr. Hang and apparently, he took one look at me and said that I needed surgery.

My Dad relayed this message to me...a bit tentatively...and I immediately responded, “okay, let’s do it.”

My Dad thought it would be cool if we (more specifically, I) filmed this process on my phone, because it could be helpful to many others. But I asked him, what would we do with all this footage? We decided, maybe we could make this idea a little bigger. We started to talk to some people and before I knew it, this was turning into a documentary. I’m in! If it can help others live a healthier and more fulfilling life, why not! Not sure what it’ll be like to have cameras following me non-stop, but why not give it a try. We’ll see how it goes!

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