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Filming with Syd Again

After months of waiting it was charged and emotional...

Sydney wearing a face mask while waiting for the cameras to roll.

Ed and a small crew took over a large open space to interview Sydney and get an update on how she's feeling. Masks, gloves, sanitizer and cleaning supplies were on hand and used to keep everyone safe. This made the work much slower than usual. But, in the end, the day was super productive. At wrap, everyone was happy that we recorded more of Syd's journey. We were thrilled to be back on location and in documentary production again.

During her interview, Sydney was very forthcoming about the scheduling delays due to COVID-19. Although she acknowledged she was more fortunate than so many others, she was not a happy camper. She shared her frustrations with a little anger and a few tears. She's such a trouper that people still forget that she feels poorly. And this trouper showed how determined she was to push through until she gets to a resolution.

Right now the best solution still means MMA surgery. But there's no date yet. No relief. Frustration.

Sydney being interviewed by Ed. She is focussed and intense.

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