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Filming the Family

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A lot of fun and laughter.

Syd, Sam and Morgan. Three sisters with different personalities. Syd's the oldest and perhaps the most serious or focussed. Or maybe not. That's what docs are discover this stuff. One thing's for sure they love each other and enjoy having fun together. That seems important to Syd. Her family is her constant.

We rolled on family time. The spontaneous dance they broke into the middle of tidying after dinner was a riot. And Cameron the black lab was supervising the scene.

Filming simple everyday moments reveals a lot about how people think and react.

Morgan is usually away at school and everyone is busy so just playing cards together and hanging out was a treat for them.

Kim Avis, the mom who keeps everyone organized and happy, seems like the glue that keeps all the pieces warm and fuzzy. The connection between the five felt strong. We hope that feeling was captured on film.

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