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Dr. Amy Shares Syd's Results

Dr. Amy Racanello evaluated Sydney and tells us how Syd responded

Amy Racanello, MSEd, PhD, sits for an interview.

Dr. Amy Racanello, a NYC clinical neuropsychologist, met with Sydney earlier this year for mental health, cognitive, and learning evaluations. Dr. Amy is a very thorough evaluator. We filmed her as she spent nearly a day working with Sydney. Her professionalism and smarts were super evident. We edited in a few brief glimpses of these scenes in the Airway trailer.

Dr. Amy evaluating Sydney earlier this year.

This week, Dr. Amy came back to share with us the results of these evaluations in an interview. As expected, there was some interesting findings. No spoiler here!

These results will be used as a baseline. Dr. Amy will compare these findings to the results of a second set of evaluations - measured after the procedure - a year later.

There are many questions that swirl around cognitive and psychological challenges. Did lack of quality sleep influence Sydney's performance in school? Did she need to work much harder to achieve a certain grade, pushing through the exhaustion, only to exhaust herself further?

Would her life have been different - more fulfilling with greater successes and achievements - if she was capturing more air?

There is an expectation that Sydney will perform better on testing after her airway is opened. With MMA surgery she should be breathing better, receiving more oxygen, and sleeping more soundly. The cameras will be right there with her as we continue to film her progress.

Next year, we will film her second evaluation and see if the cameras can capture any changes. We will also interview Dr. Amy again to hear the results.

This will be a pivotal moment. Will she really improve? Sydney believes she will. A nail biter. Only time will tell.

Dr. Amy shares her evaluation findings in an interview this past week.

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