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Dad-Doc Daughter Dilemma

It can be a challenge to be both a dad and doctor to your daughter

Dr. Victor Avis in a recent interview for Airway.

Dr. Victor Avis is a third generation dentist who sees patients in the same practice his grandfather started almost 100 years ago. He has become an Airway centric health professional who embraces the latest research and methods to help his patients. He’s pioneered the use of orthotropics to save children from unnecessary extractions and future health challenges. His successful holistic-minded practice introduces him to new patients who seek help they can't find elsewhere.

All his efforts have made him a better doctor. He is also a very present dad, spending most of his free time with his family. He is very close to Sydney. They have a warm bond.

Sydney has shared with us how much she trusts her dad's wisdom and advice.

Sydney, from the corner, watches her dad get emotional during the interview.

But there are times when Dr. Avis is torn. He knows, as a doctor, there is a certain protocol or decorum that should be followed, steps to be taken, and decisions that have to be made. Yet, there is always that nagging this what is best for my daughter?

Sometimes the doc mind and dad heart appear to be in conflict.

This week, Dr. Avis shared with us how this has become more of a challenge during COVID-19. So many questions... Should he leave Syd's uncomfortable braces in or take them out? Is it safe to have a procedure in a state where COVID cases are still prevalent?

How much of this delay is affecting Sydney's emotional and mental health? How much more should he advocate to get the procedure done? He shared how he found answers to most of these questions. And yet there are some answers that still wait for a solution.

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