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  • Orly Wiseman

Counter Clockwise

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A twist on surgery.

We discovered that there are different kinds of jaw surgery. MMA (Maxillomandibular advancement surgery) is just one procedure and even MMA can be approached in different ways. Sydney is looking at MMA with a counter clockwise rotation (CCW). The CCW is supposed to increase Sydney's airway space even more than a typical MMA. A bonus for Sydney - this extra CCW should make the change to her face more appealing.

The challenge for Sydney and Dr. Avis is that there are only handful of surgeons who perform this procedure. And just one or two with enough experience to make Sydney and Dr. Avis comfortable.

In our research we came across a number of medical professionals who thought that it wasn't a huge task to find the right surgeon to do Sydney's because "there are many" who do it "all the time." These experts hadn't heard about CCW, a key component!

It continues to amaze us that Sydney's problem, which seems so simple and straightforward, is not solved by the usual methods. Just when it looks like a clear road ahead we face a new curve or bend in the road.

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