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Cameron, Sweet, Cameron

Could this be the biggest mistake?

We understand...we've loved our Golden, Dakota, for sixteen years. Ed's allergic to her but she's a part of the family. What are you going to do?

The Avis family had Duke and now Cameron. Black labs. Sydney is a mess when she's home. Her eyes become puffy. She's super congested. More unhappy...physically. But emotionally...her spirits are up when she is with the dogs. Duke is gone now so there's Mike - a female hypoallergenic who likes to bark when we film.

Could Cameron and Duke been mistakes? Are they the cause of Sydney's woes? Did they contribute to a developmental problem when Sydney was younger?

How many parents, like us, have pets at home they could be that could be exacerbating health challenges?

This is on our "to discover" list.

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